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I already have a management system. May I use AirMenu on my business anyway?

Yes! That’s the point. We’re not a management solution, we just complement it. We improve the process of placing orders in your business and even allow you to launch marketing campaigns in real time.

How can I register?

All you have to do is access Airmenu on www.airmenu.com/configure and register! Design your space and configure your products or services. Then print the QR Codes and you are good to go.

Ok, I like it! But I only need this for a couple of times. Do I have to subscribe for the full year?

Of course not! We have designed a solution for this type of situations. AirMenu adapts to your needs.

How can I activate my AirMenu voucher?

After you create a restaurant in AirMenu, you can click on "Edit", then on "Restaurant Data" you right the voucher's code in the "Promotional voucher" field.

Can I inform my clients about their order's status?

Yes, you can send a message to your clients, to inform them if the order is ready to be served, out of stock or delayed. In case the order is delayed, you can even say how long do they have to wait.

Can i receive orders from clients that are outside the restaurant?

Sure. AirMenu checks ou far your clients are from the restaurant, so you can see if the client is already at a table or on his way to the restaurant. If he is too far from the restaurant, he will not be able to order, though. AirMenu only accepts orders from customers near the restaurant, so noone orders something in the wrong restaurant by mistake.

How can I define a QR code for each table?

You just need to define how many tables do you have on your restaurant, and AirMenu creates an unique code for each one.

What is the difference between "Orders Table" and e "LEDs Panel"?

The "Orders Table" shows all the orders made by your clients, while the "LEDs Panel" only shows the more urgent requests. This panels are very useful, for example, if you want to alert your employees that a client requested a waiter or the bill. 

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