• Room Service one touch away
    What is it?
    AirMenu is a website that lets your guests place orders
    directly from their devices, with the help of a QR Code!
  • How does it work?
    No waiting
    No pressure
    No delays
  • Discovering AirMenu
    Reading the QR Code
    Get direct access to the menu by reading the QR Code.


    Access AirMenu with our mobile app or on a browser.
  • Time to order!
    Simple, useful and quick.
    Choose the products
    Configure extras and options
    Confirm the order
  • The order is received!
    Notifications are immediately sent to
    the different preparation areas.

Hotels and tourism

Customers are treated to new, useful and funny experiences.


How to have a fast and effective room service that doesn't disturb the guests!

While guests do not like to be disturbed, they expect a fast service. For a hotel with too many guests and not enough staff, it's difficult to answer all guests' needs on time.

When the hotel welcomes big groups for events (e.g. conferences, galas), the staff tends to pay more attention to them, sacrificing the quality of service for other guests.

A slow service at the hotel restaurant leads to few extra requests and, eventually, unhappy guests and a poor rating for the hotel.



A personalized room service for every guest, one touch away

AirMenu allows you to have a virtual servant everywhere and receive all guest's requests faster! You just need a few conveniently placed QR Codes. With their devices, guests can scan the QR Code, check what is available and order directly from there.

Requests are sent to the proper service areas, according to the type of request and where it was done.

Waiters are informed of the location where the order was made and know where to deliver it.

When there are events at the hotel, you may decrease the impact on the regular service by placing tablets at the event area. This will allow the service to better manage orders.

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What are the benefits?

A new experience for your customers. A useful, simple and effective solution for your business.

For customers

AirMenu helps you simplify the way orders are processed, and makes them accessible to everyone. It also avoids misunderstood orders.

AirMenu is comfortable and discreet and the client doesn't need the waiter to place an order.

It is autonomous, simple, intuitive and even customizable.

With AirMenu your client has everything under control - including time!

The system is fast, avoiding queues and stressful situations, thus improving your customer experience.

For businesses

With AirMenu you don't need to buy expensive hardware to improve your business! Your customers use their own equipment to place orders.

The entire process is online. You can start using AirMenu right away!

It helps you to serve your customers better without raising costs with extra staff. You can have more customer assistance locations and improve flexibility on processing orders.

Due to its efficiency, AirMenu prevents you from losing customers on busy hours. It is so easy to place orders that it will increase the volume of your business daily invoicing.

AirMenu puts your service online quickly.

How can it be used?

AirMenu is easy to use and to configure.

By customers

All you need is your mobile device or laptop.

You have access to AirMenu by reading a QR Code or entering www.airmenu.com through your mobile device. After, that you simply choose the products or services you wish and add them to your request. Once you have finished choosing the products, click on the top button to confirm and send your order. AirMenu is available for Android, iPhone and iPad. It has a very fast and intuitive interface.

By business owners

All you need is a tablet or a computer with Internet.

AirMenu is designed to be used in any type of business, with or without table service. You only need to configure the menu on the back office, according to the products and prices that you have. After that, signpost your business with AirMenu by placing the QR codes on all customer assistance locations. For a restaurant with table service, the QR Codes should be placed on tables, for example.

You can configure several preparation areas, according to each order. In each of those areas a screen is placed. In such screen it is possible for you to receive all orders and change their status.

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