A fast and effective communication system for those who need more care


How to know and respond to the patients needs.

Offering the best care and attention to hospital patients is not always easy. The nurses and the rest of the staff can't be aware all the time of each patient's needs.

It's also complicated to maintain the hospital in the best conditions. The number of malfunctions can be big and, sometimes, it's difficult to notify the managers of it's existence.

Medical equipment require constant technical assistance, without delays, so nothing can fail during an emergency.



A quick way to call nurses or staff members

With AirMenu, patients can place orders or simply call nurses only with their smartphones. They just need to choose the product or service they wish in the app and the hospital will satisfy the order.

Any malfunction can be quickly found and reported, alongside a specification of the problem and how it can be fixed. It will be easier to be on top of every building malfunction.

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