Which influences how the customer makes the request ...

Simple, flexible, without delay and suited to the needs of each. AirMenu is easy to use and configure. Create an app and website in hours, not years.


Applications for iPhone, Android and in the browser for iPad, PC and Mac.


Flexible Menu

Building the menu is a fun and complex process. Define at what time each product is available. What is the price of the product for each time / place. Place Photos etc ... Place other companies within the menu, as if it were an item.

The menu that the client is seeing can be specific to a certain franchise, without the client realizing the complexity involved.

  • May vary with time
  • May depend on the place of order Schedules


Set what hours customers can order, and what products will be available. The entire Menu may vary depending on the scheduled time.


We have several payment types that can be activated with a simple click. Example Visa, Paypal etc ...


Associate all kinds of questions with your request. Various types of data fields available to place in your order and in the location you want.

Authentication Social Networks

Make life easier for your customers and let them use authentication over social networks, thus avoiding losing your password.

Customize, we are all different!

Customizing colors, layout and everything you understand is within everyone's reach. Give your imagination away. With our integrated editor just click.

  • FastFood

  • Pizzarias

  • Diretorios

  • Diretorios

  • Diretorios

Communication with your customer.

The customer is very important. That's why we allow you to send notifications via email, SMS or instant message. It can tell you that the request is ready, that you are late or that you have to pick it up.

Imagem do qr-code
Imagem flags


The establishment can configure its products and services in several languages and receive the requests in the language that you want. The client can consult the products and services in the language of his choice. There are no mistakes or wrong requests here.


Which influences who receives the request ...

  • Localização por QR Code

  • Localização por Baliza GPS

  • Praia com QrCodes

  • Mesas de Restaurante com QrCode

  • Mapa com balizas GPS

The Place of the order.

It's very simple to know where the order is made from. You can use a QR Code, customized with our integrated editor for ordering inside buildings. When designing the site layout, a Qr Code is automatically generated for each location. For example, in a Pizzerias network, where you wish to send the request to a specific pizzeria, you can use GPS beacons with maps and the customer's address is a trigger to choose the correct beacon.

The ordering panels.

Applications can be viewed from multiple perspectives. In a monitor appear the requests by location. In the other, the requests reach the employees in the form of virtual post-its. You can still have a perspective of tasks that need to be completed. Orders can be received by email, SMS, printer, POS or on the AirMenu website and be divided by product category or location. We also have specific requests for delivery that allow us to know the status of the order, whether it is with the courier, the restaurant or the customer. All Flags are customized.

  • Painel de Delivery

  • Painel de Tarefas

  • Painel de Utilizadores

  • Painel de Postits

  • Painel de mapa com balizas

  • Painel de mapa global

We send your request to ...

Set up where you want to send your order. Besides the ordering panels, you can also send automatically to:

  • SMS
  • Emails
  • Notifications
  • Integrations with POS
  • Google Cloud Print
  • Printers


Who influences who manages the business ...


Take control of your franchise network. With AirMenu it is possible to give all control to each of the parties. The Master can control the entire business and distribute accesses for each of the Franchises. Each one has full access to everything that concerns you. You can make marketing campaigns, promotions, vouchers, consult reports etc ...


You can send the same order to different franchises with different billing systems. Each Franchise receives the order that can be automatically entered into the POS.

Marketing campaign

Campaigns by email, SMS, and Notifications all integrated. Our platform allows you to configure campaigns to be activated based on what customers are asking for and not 'dumb' campaigns without knowing who is who. Send campaigns to customers who consume every week, and for those who do not order more than 1 month. All automatic.

Loyalty Vouchers

Finally, you can create all kinds of campaigns you've always dreamed of.

  • Offer 10 Euros to invite a friend.
  • Offer a sandwich for those who consume 100 Euros.
  • Offer a voucher to use in the next month you consume 10 times.


Comprehensive consultation of statistical data and direct access in the long term.

Consult relevant information.

AirMenu allows you to consult the total consumption per client, per table, or per order. Soon it will also be possible to print subtotals for each table.

Get in touch with your clients directly.

Do you want to create a discount or special offer? With AirMenu it is possible to have direct access to your clients’ emails in order to send promotions in real time.

Get access to the statistics of your business.

You can consult statistics by clients or for consumption with a specified period of time.

Back office

Configuring your products and services in backoffice could not be easier than this.

Create your business establishment.

Without instalations, without downloads, without any complication.

With AirMenu BackOffice it is very simple to create your business establishment. First we ask you to fill out the information of your business. Pay close attention to locating your business establishment in the correct area of the map.


Design your venue.

Just drag your furniture.

The time has arrived to create the layout of your space. You will need to decide on the number of rooms in your layout and give to each one a specific name or number (ie. bar, restaurant, etc.). After creating the rooms, just add the furniture to each one. You can give each furniture a name or a number in order to individually identify them.

Add the products.

Total freedom.

Next you add the products to the menu. AirMenu is multi-lingual which means you have the option of creating your menu in your native language or any language you prefer to accommodate global clients. The price of each product can be altered based on the room, date, or hour (ie. Happy Hour or using a patio versus an inside dining room). Each product category is linked to the monitor displaying the orders (ie. drinks would be displayed on the bar monitor).


Print the QR Codes.

Place the QR Codes at the tables.

After following the previous steps, you will then need to create the QR Codes. You may use an existing layout or create a new one. Each QR Code is linked to a table or specific location (ie. dining room, bar, etc.)

You can either buy plastic coasters at our online store for your QR Codes or you can create your own object to place them. After that you just need to place those objects at the tables or at other customer assistance locations. This way, they can read the QR Codes and place their orders. Simple, don't you think?



Monitor the orders.

Now you’re ready!

To see your orders simply select the ‘view orders” option. Next you need to choose between a simple or detailed view. Now you’re ready to begin using AirMenu to bring your business to a whole new level of speed and simplicity!



Universal Integration SmartPos.

Integration with ANY computer program in minutes.

With very basic programming knowledge, within minutes you can receive the requests from AirMenu in any computer program. The data are entered as entered by a user. The AirMenu uses advanced OCR techniques, pattern recognition etc.  to send the data to your computer system without need to change your program.


API Integration

Easy and simple integration by http, email, or Windows DLL.

By API/Http

It is possible to send menus from the software to AirMenu.
The software was designed to receive orders and menus from AirMenu.

By E-mail

The software was designed to receive orders and menus from AirMenu.

By Windows DLL

It is possible to send menus from the software to AirMenu.
The software was designed to receive orders and menus from AirMenu

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