Simple, flexible, without delays and effective for individual necessities. AirMenu is easy to use and configure.


Applications for iPhone, Android and available on web applications for iPad, PC and Mac.

  • QR Code localization

  • GPS Localization

Order localization.

It's very simple to know where your orders come from. Create QR Code using our configuration system. You can link the QR Codes to a table in a café or rooms in a Hotel. Also it's easy to repaces the QR Codes with GPS positions.

Reception is guaranteed.

Orders can be received by e-mail, SMS or at the AirMenu website. Orders are divided according to their category or preparation area. At the restaurant, drinks are sent to the bar and meals are sent to the kitchen. For each product, there is a proper preparation area. For the same order, the restaurant manager can receive the full request by e-mail, the bartender receives drinks on their browser and the waiter will be texted as soon as the order is ready for delivery.

  • Choose an item or service

  • Add modifiers

  • Add a photo


  • Tasks Panel

  • Users Panel

  • Postit Panel

  • Map Panel

  • Global Map Panel

Order panels.

Orders can be viewed in a variety of ways. On the monitor the orders appear by table. The orders can also appear for waiters in the form of virtual post-it notes. It is also possible to have the orders in a map.

Communicating with your client.

Clients are important to business and because of this you can send your clients notifications via e-mail, SMS, or instant messaging. You can let clients know when their order is ready for pick-up, inform them that an order is delayed, or let them know that an item or product is out of stock.

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Learn more about your client

You can ask questions to your client, so you can have more information about the order If you have a delivery service, you can know right away the address of your client withou asking. You can also use our personalizable forms to ask direct questions to your clients.

Orders in various languages.

Each establishment can configure its products and services to appear in various languages as well as having the orders received in a chosen language. Your client can view your products and services in the language of their choice. This minimizes the chances of misunderstandings due to language barriers.

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We advertise your business online.

We know that the necessity for a strong online presence is essential in order to reach your clients. This is so important to us as it is to you. It is because we know this that we are committed to helping you advertise your business on the web! We give you visibility on the social media netwoks and can automatically create your company’s website!

Customize, we are all different!

Customize colors, layout and all your needs it's easy. Use your imagination and with our integrated editor just click.

  • FastFood

  • Restaurante

  • Manutenção

  • Diretórios


The Forms.

Along with each request for service or products you can include forms. These forms can be composed of text fields , photos, dates, times etc ... You can have a different form for each product.


Comprehensive consultation of statistical data and direct access in the long term.

Consult relevant information.

AirMenu allows you to consult the total consumption per client, per table, or per order. Soon it will also be possible to print subtotals for each table.

Get in touch with your clients directly.

Do you want to create a discount or special offer? With AirMenu it is possible to have direct access to your clients’ emails in order to send promotions in real time.

Get access to the statistics of your business.

You can consult statistics by clients or for consumption with a specified period of time.

Back office

Configuring your products and services in backoffice could not be easier than this.

Create your business establishment.

Without instalations, without downloads, without any complication.

With AirMenu BackOffice it is very simple to create your business establishment. First we ask you to fill out the information of your business. Pay close attention to locating your business establishment in the correct area of the map.


Design your venue.

Just drag your furniture.

The time has arrived to create the layout of your space. You will need to decide on the number of rooms in your layout and give to each one a specific name or number (ie. bar, restaurant, etc.). After creating the rooms, just add the furniture to each one. You can give each furniture a name or a number in order to individually identify them.

Add the products.

Total freedom.

Next you add the products to the menu. AirMenu is multi-lingual which means you have the option of creating your menu in your native language or any language you prefer to accommodate global clients. The price of each product can be altered based on the room, date, or hour (ie. Happy Hour or using a patio versus an inside dining room). Each product category is linked to the monitor displaying the orders (ie. drinks would be displayed on the bar monitor).


Print the QR Codes.

Place the QR Codes at the tables.

After following the previous steps, you will then need to create the QR Codes. You may use an existing layout or create a new one. Each QR Code is linked to a table or specific location (ie. dining room, bar, etc.)

You can either buy plastic coasters at our online store for your QR Codes or you can create your own object to place them. After that you just need to place those objects at the tables or at other customer assistance locations. This way, they can read the QR Codes and place their orders. Simple, don't you think?



Monitor the orders.

Now you’re ready!

To see your orders simply select the ‘view orders” option. Next you need to choose between a simple or detailed view. Now you’re ready to begin using AirMenu to bring your business to a whole new level of speed and simplicity!



Universal Integration SmartPos.

Integration with ANY computer program in minutes.

With very basic programming knowledge, within minutes you can receive the requests from AirMenu in any computer program. The data are entered as entered by a user. The AirMenu uses advanced OCR techniques, pattern recognition etc.  to send the data to your computer system without need to change your program.


API Integration

Easy and simple integration by http, email, or Windows DLL.

By API/Http

It is possible to send menus from the software to AirMenu.
The software was designed to receive orders and menus from AirMenu.

By E-mail

The software was designed to receive orders and menus from AirMenu.

By Windows DLL

It is possible to send menus from the software to AirMenu.
The software was designed to receive orders and menus from AirMenu

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