AirMenu - Directories business creation. Delivery.

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AirMenu - Directories business creation.

With a simple Drag and Drop it is possible to place Business in Business. This allows you to create directories of companies, virtual malls, restaurants Directories etc ...
The requests are sent to all stakeholders in the process. Example a request for a drink in a restaurant is sent to the restaurant and can be printed, and also automatically sent to the companies that are a level above. So when creating a directory of companies, is not a simple directory but a relationship Database, which allows including sales reports, targeting applications etc ...

Delivery of a company's request can go to the Motoboy for the restaurant and for the owner of the directory business. All synchronization of data between the various stakeholders is done in real time by our platform.

Layout is 100% personalized, all the details are configurable.

Build your website and your mobile application in a few hours with our platform.

Short video demo(Portuguese):


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