New types of business: Shopping, Hospital and Delivery

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We have new types of business available! After starting menus configured to golf, restaurants and hotels, now introduced three new models: Delivery, Hospital and Shopping.

Each model has different space to organize your local establishment. For example, at the mall, the space is divided into floors where you can put local food as area, lift and store. Hospitals have also floors, living rooms and bedrooms.

When you create a new business, has an immediate menu to be able to test and explore the potential of the platform. In this menu a few examples of how AirMenu can be used in particular for maintenance services are provided. On large surfaces, such as hospitals, shopping centers and hotels, the AirMenu becomes the perfect tool to alert personnel of any fault, since electrical problems in the elevators burned out lamps. Likewise, the guards may also be reported by peers in a store or of disturbances in food area.





Cardápio virtual de shopping para manutenção






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