Task Management with AirMenu

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Management tasks by email or web browser now possible with AirMenu .

 The task management is a huge breakthrough in AirMenu . Although at first glance just seems a panel of orders with a different layout , the reality is something completely different .

We do not just send tasks to the task panel ... Tasks can be distributed by groups of performers, via a web browser or email and our platform addresses this distribution. If someone accepts a job in the mail button, the task is automatically unavailable to others by automatically changing the buttons of the other emails sent and removing the task from the task panel .

Herself distribution of tasks , analysis of who is available at the time etc ... is all handled automatically by AirMenu .

It is now possible for example to create a group of taxi drivers , which includes e-mail , a guest ordered a taxi to the Airmenu automatically asks several taxis who is available by e-mail , and warns others that the request was already accepted.

Small video tutorial:


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