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Welcome to our blog. Here we will keep you informed about the latest news about AirMenu. We will also give you some tips and ideas about how to best use our platform, either to find the best restaurants and hotels or to improve your customer service.

Never heard of AirMenu before?

AirMenu is the solution to a lot of problems that we find in restaurants, hotels or big events. How many times did we wait endless minutes for the waiter at a restaurant? Or how many times did the waiter arrived at our tables, ready to take our orders, but we hadn't decided yet?

Enter AirMenu. With AirMenu, restaurants or hotel managers can create digital and interactive menus, so clients can order directly from their smartphones, tablets or pcs. All they need to do is to visit our website or use our app (available for Android and iOS), select your restaurant and start choosing their meals. Managers can also create QR codes that, when scanned by the client's smartphone, will direct them to the digital menus. QR codes also help define the origin of each order. For instance, if there's a QR code on your table, the waiter will know right away that the orders done through that QR code came from that table.Try it here, to see how it works!

AirMenu is simple to use and easy to implement. All the process is done online, so you don't need to install any software to manage your restaurant or hotel. It's also possible to configure AirMenu so all the orders are immediately registered by the POS system you use.

Many more features will be available soon. Stay tuned! 


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