About Us

We are an European company with a great idea!

We wanted customers to be able to place orders at your business, without waiting to be attended. If you either own a restaurant, a fast-food stand, a hotel, a casino or even a movie theater or a theme park, you should be able to receive all your customers' orders even if you can't have your waiters everywhere all the time.

So we created AirMenu, a website, that you can configure in minutes, which allows you to directly and immediately receive your customers' orders. Clients just need a smartphone, tablet or computer to make their requests!

AirMenu is entirely run on the web, so you don't need to buy additional software or hardware to use!

It's not expensive, it's easy to use and can reduce queues, delays and other common problems that prevent your customers to really enjoy their meals!

Still not convinced? Subscribe for a 30 days free trial and start improving your customer service right now!


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